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InstallationWe are well aware your profit margins depend not only on your efforts but also on the quality and precision of our products.

While we develop all our parts and accessories based on the same government regulations under which your company performs, we also offer the expertise to incorporate your individual specifications into each component of the metering equipment you order from us.

This includes any orifice meter parts your company may need for accurate flow measurement.


The orifice meter itself is the longest enduring and most reliable form of measurement in the industry, which is more than likely why your business is seeking this portion of its metering system from us.

Since this particular element is so widely used, you’ll need very little, if any, calibration of the actual meter. That being said, we take the calibration of all other components, as well as compliance with industry standards, to heart when manufacturing your meters. This ensures the smallest possible margin of error in terms of your pressure and flow calculations.

Plate Precision

Orifice PlatesOur team places the utmost emphasis on guaranteeing each orifice plate we manufacture adheres to standardized thickness and pipe diameter ratio recommendations. Rigorous attention to detail and pre-installation testing methods apply to our concentric, eccentric, segmental, quadrant edge and conic edge plates depending on the type of gas your pipelines carry.

The end result is a consistent flow rate at the highest possible pressure as allowed by your operation. We stock the full range of two through twelve-inch plates along with their accompanying seal rings, so we can offer same day shipping of these components when you need replacements.

Flange Stability

Orifice plates control the pressure of products flowing through your pipelines as well as the correctness of any calculations involved, yet they could render your efforts ineffective if not properly held in place.

For this reason, we fabricate each orifice flange based on the specifications of the plate to which it will be assigned.

Should your company face high volumes of water, sediment, and other impurities known to create a need for frequent plate cleanings or replacements, you may want to consider our line of orifice fittings.

Fitting Your Requirements

Orifice Seal RingsShutting down the flow of your product each time a plate may need to be inspected or replaced cuts into your productivity and profit considerably. If this is one of the problems your company finds itself up against, our senior orifice fittings may be the solution you’ve been seeking.

Should your operation include conjoined headers or implement a bypass of some sort, our junior fittings are designed for fast, simple change-outs. We also stock the full range of standard fittings for your convenience.

From designing and manufacturing components unique to your company to sending in-stock replacement parts directly to your field location, we offer precise and expedient service in an effort to help keep your company up and running.

We also employ a complete staff of experts who can come to your metering station for inspections, repairs, and assistance with calibrating your system.

Contact one of our representatives with any and all of your metering needs.

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