Get the Most Performance From Your Meter Tubes

When you order meter tubes from us, we want you to enjoy the precision and predictability you need for accurate flow measurement and conditioning. That’s why we fabricate each of our parts to the industry standards to which you must conform in the field.

We can also fabricate fittings and other parts for gas meter tubes based on custom specifications if you have an application that differs from the standard sizing. Our superior welding techniques and dedication to quality ensure reliable measurement on-site.

Accurate Measurement Through Precise Calibration

Robot Welder for Precision Meter TubesIn most cases, our orifice meter tube equipment does not require calibration during installation or after implementation. However, we make sure every pipe, fitting, and other component is fully calibrated to industry standards before we ship it to you.

We know that you rely on the accuracy of pressure measurement once you install a gas meter tube in the field, so we test and adjust all components in preparation for use.

Our highly trained staff ensure that all parts are ready for installation upon shipment so you do not have to worry about changing out meters or installing incorrect fittings on our parts.

Ideal Flow Conditioning for Consistent Results

Meter TubePart of a meter tube’s job is to reduce turbulence or disturbances in the gas flow from one segment of pipe to another. Your business measures turbulence intensity in the flow field state and needs reliable flow conditioning to ensure smooth transfers across orifice meters.

Our experienced welders machine meter tubes for different types of flow conditioning, always with the goal of creating consistent flow during each exchange. We keep an inventory of plates between two and twelve inches, along with the necessary seal rings, to ensure we always have replacements when you need them.

Our same-day shipping policy ensures fast response to your changing demands in the field.

High-Quality Orifice Fittings

The orifice fitting you employ in your meter tubes directly influence the productivity, efficiency, and reliability of your gas distribution and transportation.

We offer junior and senior orifice fittings as well as flange unions and simplex options, depending on your specific needs. Creating the ideal set-up for your meter runs helps you avoid problems, such as the need to halt gas flow to address clogs, turbulence, and other obstacles. Our quality assurance standards ensure you maintain consistent flow volume.

Finding the Right Meter Tube Assembly

Meter Tube InspectionConsider our full line of meter tube options for your meter station. Our educated staff consists of experts who can consult with your business on the right parts, fittings, and installation procedures, especially if you have encountered problems in the past with sediment, water, and other impurities in your gas flow.

We can discuss your needs over the phone or set up an in-person consultation. If you need our team to calibrate the components on-site, we are available to get your operation back up and running as soon as possible.

Whether you need new meter tubes to replace older models or you require replacement parts, you can rely on our fast shipping and our excellent reputation for customer care.

Get in touch with our representatives to discuss your unique needs and how our product line can help you run your business more efficiently.

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