Custom-Built Metering Stations Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of the Gas and Oil Industry

Metering Station

For pipeline companies and those overseeing oil or gas supplies, quality and production are paramount. Should either of these aspects fall below industry expectations, plenty of competitors are ready to step in and put your company out of business.

Having a high-quality metering station to monitor product flow, pressure and composition consistency is key to meeting clients’ demands and getting the best possible price for your product.

Through our years of experience in the industry, we have developed a unique understanding of our customers’ needs as well as industry specifications and are able to furnish customized solutions to meet those requirements.

Elemental Building Materials

We offer a range of building materials for the structures themselves. Your individual requirements and the environment in which the station will be operating play significant roles in choosing the one to best serve your needs.

In the event you are unsure of exactly which material to select, our experts will gladly offer guidance based on their experience.

Our choices include:

  • Stainless Steel: This material is highly resistant to corrosion and harsh weather conditions. Its distinctive chromium content generates an additional protective barrier, allowing the metal to essentially repair itself to an extent in certain circumstances. Though a bit more expensive than some other options, strength and durability render stainless steel a cost-effective choice for many.
  • Galvanized Steel: Slightly less expensive than its stainless counterpart, galvanized steel is coated in zinc for an added layer of protection against the elements and abuse. This coating can become damaged over time, leaving the metal underneath more vulnerable to rust, but this material can last years before needing maintenance.
  • Marine Grade Aluminum: As the name indicates, this may be the most opportune choice for a natural gas metering station to be set up in a coastal area where water spray and air rife with salt could negatively affect other metals.
  • Galvalume: An alloy made of aluminum and zinc, Galvalume offers the light weight of aluminum with the additional strength of zinc for greater resistance to hail damage and corrosion.

Additional painted and baked enamel finishes are available for greater protection and longevity.

Aside from environmental factors, whether the structure will be mobile or stationary is an additional consideration. No matter the final material choice, our engineering and construction teams place a great deal of thought and effort into the design of each station, and we put these through extensive scrutiny and thorough testing processes before delivering them to our customers.


Instrument panels are the primary lines of communication between your operation and personnel. Your company has its own preferred layout for these, and we cater to those specifications as well.

We manufacture custom enclosures in your choice of aluminum or stainless steel, giving you ultimate flexibility as well as greater space efficiency.

Metering Equipment

Pipeline Metering Station

Our inventory includes well-known names and models in flow computer technology. Because temperature within your pipelines can affect safety and product quality, we offer thermo-wells and state-of-the-art RTD’s for monitoring this aspect.

An array of solar panels and battery boxes are available to keep your stations up and running under any conditions. We keep a complete stock of radios, manifolds and cables on hand as well.

Meter Tubes and Accessories

As a leading metering station manufacturer, we fully understand the impact improperly welded and tested meter tubes can have on your production.

Their very purpose is to reduce turbulence in the pipelines to ensure accurate readings from the instruments involved; therefore, our master welders take extensive measures to guarantee interior surfaces of the tubes are smooth and meet industry regulations as well as your expectations.

Standard orifice plates and seal rings are kept in stock, and in most cases are available for same-day delivery, as are our replacement parts for single and dual chamber orifice fittings.

Delivery on Your Terms

Skid-mounted Metering Station
Once you have nailed down your choice of material and given us your exact specifications for the exterior and interior elements you need, we will deliver the structure and components to your designated site.

The station can be sent skid-mounted and fully assembled but, if you prefer, your crew can handle the final building process. A number of customers choose this route in an effort to reduce labor and installation expenses.

Services Designed to Meet Your Needs

While our services cover precision cutting and fabrication in our facilities, we also provide on-site assistance. Our field technicians come to you to perform system inspections in an effort to catch potential issues before they become problems.

For those complications already in motion, we handle all your repairs, remanufactures or replacements.

Beyond Stationary Setups

Gas & Oilfield Meter Truck
We cater not only to your fixed metering station needs, but your mobile ones as well. Our staff can take your standard meter truck to the next level with individualized after-market modifications.

Functional alterations include interior instrument panel mounting, installation of computer stands and incorporation of external oxygen and nitrogen bottle racks. We additionally offer running board and floor repairs or replacements as well as window tinting and other related services.

We are your source for custom-designed metering stations, parts, accessories, inspections, and repairs. Our staff extends individualized service to satisfy the requirements of those in our industry, from fixed metering station materials to tailor-made truck interiors.

Contact us for a free quote on a metering station designed to fulfill your unique needs. Let a member of our expert staff answer any questions you may have and further explain how we can help get your operations up and running or improve your current setup.

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